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Groups & Group Rates

Large Group Kayaking will take your group out of their daily routines and comfort zones and allow them to share a novel adventure!  The entire experience is all-natural, organic and interactive — creating lasting memories and strong connections between participants. 

Even for those who have kayaked before, kayaking with a group – as part of a team – is an excellent opportunity to learn to work together in a fun, low-stress environment while experiencing nature in a truly unique and exciting way.


Single and tandem kayaks are available for large groups.

Sunset Kayak

Team Building in Kayaks!

Team Building and Team Kayaking Events are Perfect for:

  • Schools (Students, Staff, Clubs, Teams…)

  • Social Clubs and Organizations

  • Businesses and Corporations

  • Teams

  • Family Reunions

  • Class Reunions

  • Wedding parties

  • and more…

If you’re looking for the perfect idea for a group outing, team building activity or other corporate events, a kayak trip is what you seek. Whether an incentive or reward for a group, a wellness or stress-management outing or a team building experience, a kayak trip is a great way to bring groups together.

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