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Perception Swifty Kayaks For Stable Kayak Trips And Rides

If you are someone who wants to get into kayaking and has never had any prior experience, Perception Swifty Kayak is for you.

It is like a mountain goat not the fastest but reliable. It will take you down to those rock strewn rivers or up to rocky beaches. This is a sweet boat for day cruising inland lakes and rivers.

Perception kayaks is the name trusted by the kayakers world over. It started in early seventy’s. Whether you are seasoned expert looking for a touring kayak or a novice who wants to explore the nearby streams and lakes there is boat for all. No matter what your paddling taste perception with its quality obsession and passion for kayaking innovates and finds a kayak that lasts for years on water. They have introduced more people to the sport of kayaking then any other boat maker.

Pro’s of Perception swifty kayak:

1. It is a fun kayak.

2. A great introduction to recreational kayaking for beginners.

3. It has a wide opening, making it easier to get in and out.

4. Roomy for people of any size and height.

5. A superior value for money.

6. Affordable and has excellent resale value.

7. Versatile.

8. Easy to handle and maneuvers well.

9. Stable and reliable.

10. It can be used on lakes, rivers and even ocean.

Perception swifty kayak line up:

Perception swifty 9.5 kayaks: It is most popular recreational kayak as it is stable and easy to paddle. It is called an “easy access” kayak as it is easy to load on to. It maneuvers well and features built in flotation, plus the hull has dual tracking channels to keep you moving straight and fast. A comfort fit system provides a pleasurable day on the water with a high backrest with seat pad and keepers foot braces. It is made from roto-molded plastic to withstand dings and abrasions.

Swifty 3.1: It is short and sweet recreational kayak. Any one can get into it and have fun. It maneuvers great, tracks well, features molded floatation and a hull with dual tracking channels. It is made of roto-molded polyethylene. Very affordable. Its large width and flat bottom makes it stable even in somewhat rocky water.

All in all, perception swifty kayaks are overall great fun recreational kayaks that won’t break the bank, it is easy to portage, easy to car top and is down right cut


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