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Float Notes - Saturday, August 6th 2022 - Trip 1

Where: Stebbensville to Murwin Weather: Part Sun, 90 degrees

Boat: S&S Double Red

Trip Time: 2 hours 45 minutes

3:45pm @ Drop-in Stebbensville Dam. Heard Bullfrogs. Saw lots of mermaid grass. Saw an

eagle or two. The eagle nest was empty. We passed a tube group that got in on N.

Lots of blue dragonflies!

4:20pm @ Badfish. Getting out. Saw a lone crane.

4:40pm @ 59 Bridge. Left finger got stung by wasp...the swelling has nearly reached my wrist.

5:10 pm @ Caledonia Culvert. Heard crows. Saw blue jay, duck, and crane.

6:15pm @ church. Tapped Jason's Rock!

6:30pm @ Murwin Park.


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