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Things to do in Janesville, WI

Gleason Family Adventure Review - Drift Away Paddle Co - Janesville, WI Kayak Rental

"As I dipped my paddle in, I enjoyed each stroke as I propelled across the water. Since the water was clear, I saw fish darting about and turtles as they poked up their heads. Blue Herons dotted the shoreline, and two got into a spat over space and chased each other off. I just closed my eyes a couple of times, soaked in the sun’s rays, and sat back to float."

We wanted to take a moment to thank Gleason Family Adventure for their fantastic review of Drift Away Paddle Co. It's wonderful to hear that they had a great experience on their kayaking trip down the Yahara River and at Lake Gibson. We're grateful for their kind words and for sharing their experience with others. We look forward to welcoming more adventurers to join us on the water soon!

Drift Away Paddle Co is a kayak and paddleboard rental company that services Janesville, WI, Edgerton, WI, Newville, WI, and the surrounding areas. The rental season typically begins in April and ends in October, providing customers with ample opportunities to enjoy kayaking in beautiful southern Wisconsin. Call or text

them at 608-295-4348 to book your rental or river trip today.


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