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Float Notes - Saturday, July 23rd 2022 - Trip 1

Where: Stebbensville to Murwin Weather: Mostly Sunny, 88 degrees

Boat: S&S Double Red

Trip Time: 3 hours

2:30pm @ Drop-in Stebbensville Dam. Water clear, level dropping. Saw a heron, eagle, lone

duck, water spiders, king fisher, yellow finch, dark blue bird, and lots of small blue

dragonflies. Heard lots of birds tweet and bullfrogs.

3:10pm @ the mouth of Badfish. There is some head wind. Heard jets, mowers, airplanes, and

motorcycles...these things disrupt my peace.

3:30pm @ 59 Bridge. Clouded up now.

4:00pm @ Caledonia Culvert. Tapped Jason's rock near church rocks!!

4:20pm @ Caledonia Bridge.

4:45pm @ Design Rock before stopping at Point Island. Bald Eagle perched in oak.

5:30pm @ Docked at Murwin Park.


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