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Float Notes - Sunday, July 31st 2022 - Trip 2

Where: Murwin to the Rock Weather: Part Sun, 83 degrees

Boat: S&S Double Red

Trip Time: 2 hours 45 minutes

3:45pm @ Murwin Park. Saw a turtle on a log. Heard bull frog, mower, and loud truck. Heard

birds tweet. Lots of small blue dragonflies!! Saw water spiders and a cardinal. Just

passed Hippo Rock - under 6 inches. A large party of kayaks was ahead of us the rest

of the way. Saw a gaggle of geese.

5:00pm @ stopped at East Bank Beach. We passed the group of kayakers on the Rock. Rough

waters splashing over bow! Saw a heron fly over. Bob R. and Sharon pulled up in their


6:30pm @ Dead Tree Take Out. The big party passed us.


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