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Float Notes - Sunday, July 3rd 2022 - Trips 1 & 2

Where: Stebbensville to Murwin to the Rock Weather: Mostly Sunny, 85 degrees

Boat: S&S Double Red

Trip Time: 2 hours 55 minutes

2:15pm @ Drop-in at Stebbensville. We heard bullfrogs croak and birds tweet. We saw LOTS of

dragonflies today - mostly small blue ones, some yellow and blue flying tandem, and a

couple of large green and blue ones flying tandem as well!

2:45pm @ Yahara. An eagle flew over. The eagle nest is empty today. We saw water spiders

and blue heron.

3:00pm @ Mouth of the Badfish Creek

3:10pm @ 59 Bridge. Saw one of those white bottom, neck geese with a black mane stripe.

Saw a doe and a gaggle of geese.

3:40pm @ Caledonia Culvent. Cat Fish Cove has a Big, Sturdy New Bench!

4:00pm @ Saw an eagle.

4:15pm @ Caledonia Bridge. Dan B. passed us in a canoe!

4:40pm @ Island #5

5:10pm @ Docked.


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