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Float Notes - Thursday, July 14th 2022 - Trip 2

Where: Murwin to the Rock Weather: Sunny, 84 degrees

Boat: S&S Double Red

Trip Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

2:15pm @ Murwin Park. Saw a whistling sea bird (osprey). There were assorted sizes and colors

of dragonflies. I even saw a fluorescent green one, and then it landed on my foot!!!

Then I saw an orange tipped dragonfly! There was lots of mermaid hair grass on the

Yahara!! Hippo Rock was underwater but there was a clear spot. Saw a solo crane,

blue heron, and eagle.

4:00pm @ Docking on the rock at the dead tree on H Curve - west then back south. One boat

passed us. There was one pontoon and one small motorboat on the island.


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